Legal Services

Because we are also a registered law firm (Mark Carey Law), we are able to assess your overall debt situation not only from a financial aspect, but also a legal aspect. We know the law regarding debt. This is why we are able to fight hard for our clients.

Consumer Protection and Debt Practice

Over 70 million Americans have accounts in collection, and while most collection agencies and debt buyers, some conduct themselves in an unscrupulous and often-illegal manner.  If you feel you are being victimized by a collection agency or debt buyer, we can use one of the following Federal laws to help you.  We provide these services for free, at no out of pocket cost to you.  Ever.  If your rights have been violated, we may be able to put money back in your pocket!!


Fair Debt Collection Practicies Act

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act protects you from illegal debt collection activity, like: harassing phone calls; threatening you with litigation or arrest; telling 3rd parties about your debt; calling you at home or work after you have asked them not to; attempting to collect a debt with unauthorized fees and charges; AND many other illegal actions. 


The Fair Credit Reporting Act

The Fair Credit Reporting Act protects you from inaccurate or outdated credit report listings.  These errors can and will affect what mortgage rate you can obtain, what car loan you qualify for you drive, what type of job or insurance you qualify for.  Sometimes these errors are a mistake, but if you do not feel comfortable enough to go up against the Credit Reporting Agencies on your own, we can help.

Telephone Consumer Protection Act

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act protects you from unwanted robo-calls and texts from collection agencies.  If you are getting calls on your cell phone that you did not authorize or that you have revoked, we can get the calls to stop.

Severe Personal Injury

Have you been seriously injured or lost a loved one in an accident due to someone’s negligent or reckless actions? Experiencing such a tragedy is always traumatic, and the physical, emotional, and even financial devastation can be overwhelming. At The Law Offices Of Mark A. Carey, we know what you are going through.  Several of us have been victims of someone else’s negligence and we have experienced the same physical, and emotional pain and stress each of our clients feels. Our experiences have made us stronger, but also better-equipped to sympathize with, and advocate for, our clients.  We truly are “here to help.”


Whether you have been injured in a car accident, were a victim of medical malpractice or a work-related accident, or suffered nursing home abuse or neglect, we promise to use all of our skills and experience to work to help you and your family put your lives back together.

Contending with big companies, insurance adjusters, or your employer may seem daunting to you, but not for us.  With dedicated and aggressive legal representation, you can get the compensation you deserve after a serious accident.  Beginning with a free, no-risk initial consultation to hear your story and evaluate your case, we will stand by your side from start to finish. We will keep you informed, remain accessible to answer your questions, negotiate for what you need, and if necessary, rigorously defend your rights in court.  We take our role as your injury attorney very personally, and we will use every resource we have to support you and pursue the best potential result— whether that’s a settlement or a verdict. We will offer realistic and straightforward legal advice and will not recommend a settlement for less than the value of your case.

We represent people who have been in all types of accidents, including:

  • ATV/Snowmobile/Motorcycle;
  • Bicycle or Pedestrian/Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Car or Truck Accidents
  • Construction/Industrial Accidents
  • Permanent and catastrophic injuries
  • Slip and Falls
  • Social Host/Bar Liability

The life you had, the career you were building, and the future you wanted for yourself and your family all have value. You have the right to pursue fair and just compensation. Getting that compensation will help you get your life back after you have been seriously injured. We can help you get what you need to get back on your feet and move forward.

Strict statute of limitations (time limits within which you must bring your case) apply to all injury claims.  If you fail to file within those time limits, you lose your rights forever. It’s crucial to seek the right legal advice as soon as possible if you believe that you have a personal injury claim.