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WealthFixx is not your usual debt assistance company. We actively look to reduce your debt, and your burden. From reducing your debt total to offering helpful resources to free legal advice. You are already on your way to reducing your debt burden, and achieving peace of mind. We do not add any fees, and typically reduce your overall debt burden.

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Our Core Values

Our values are aligned with who YOU are.



We are dedicated to helping people who need help to resolve their debt crisis.



We offer free services to those in debt, and seek innovative solutions to free them from the debt.


We have the resources and the knowledge to help our clients.

Why Choose Us?

WEALTHFIXX was formed to inform and educate millions of Americans with both good and bad credit ratings. Our goal is to be the top resource site in the subprime finance market.

Everyone deserves to feel confident about their finances. Our job is to give you – the consumer – the tools, education, and resources to make it real and to make them feel secure.

Many companies take advantage of those in debt – WealthFixx confirms what you owe legally, stops harassment, and typically reduces your overall debt.* Collectively we have helped over 150,000 people remove over $80M debt.

*Based on the profile of the average consumer.

Understanding America's Debt

Average Debt By Age Group

“The more able we become in understanding the detail of America’s debt scenario, the more able we are in developing solutions, and helping the people that need it” -- WealthFixx Mantra

$ 1
Under 35 years old
$ 1
35 - 54 years old
$ 1
55 - 74 years old
$ 1
65 - 74 years old